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H Unit 3 Applications

3rd Test Revision: Rels 1.3 and 1.4, Apps 1.4:

Whole course content checklist.

Whole course study cards (powerpoint).

Parent Pack (from Airdrie Academy, good for parent-pupil pr pupil-pupil testing).

Unit 1

Outcome 1: Properties of the straight line
Outcome 2: Functions and graphs
Outcome 3: Basic differentiation
Outcome 4: Recurrence relations

Unit 2

Outcome 1: Factor/remainder theorem and quadratic theory
Outcome 2: Basic integration
Outcome 3: Trigonometric formulae
Outcome 4: The equation of the circle

Unit 3

Outcome 1: Vectors in three dimensions
Outcome 2: Further differentiation and integration
Outcome 3: Logarithmic and exponential functions
Outcome 4: Further trigonometric relationships

Prelim Past Papers


Course Notes


Interactive equation grapher and more: https://www.mathway.com/

interactive grapher: http://www.mathsisfun.com/data/grapher-equation.html

SCHOLAR has interactive materials which support all areas of Higher Maths. Click here to find out more.

Higher Maths past papers

BBC Bytesize with revision questions

Parental documents: Helping your child to pass Higher Maths