This website (wiki) has been designed to help Forrester High School parents support their children in Mathematics. There are a range of resources available on the site. This page describes how best to make use of the different resources.

Site structure

The pages of the wiki have been produced to reflect the structure of the Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher courses. Each course is broken into units, and each unit is then broken into outcomes.

Video tutorials

Where possible we have linked Khan Academy videos to the appropriate outcomes in each unit. These short tutorials support students in consolidating their learning whilst also providing an excellent revision aid. Students can watch videos at their own pace, pausing and rewinding as required. Khan Academy have interactive sections where students can test their understanding of a concept.

Past papers

Each year the SQA publish past papers and marking instructions for all Mathematics courses. We recommend that students attempt one paper at a time before checking their work against the marking instructions (or better still have a parent/guardian do the marking).

Self evaluation

Coming soon

Student notes

Coming soon


Scholar (developed by Heriot Watt University) is designed to support pupils studying a range of subjects and has materials covering Int 1, Int 2, Higher and Advanced Higher Mathematics. All schools in The City of Edinburgh Council have a subscription to Scholar and all students will have their own username and password.

Parent - pupil revision guide

We have revision documents which can be used by parents to support their children in Intermediate 2 and Higher Maths


Please direct any feedback or comments to: Mark Cunningham, Prinicipal Teacher Mathematical Sciences, Forrester High School. Email: